Hospitality Hall of Shame

I offer these morsels of mediocre service as a favor to my younger self, who came to gastronomic maturity in the pre-recession age of dining. Who was embarrassed and talked down to and didn’t know enough to complain and call out arrogance, ego, and disdain for guests when I saw and experienced it.

This isn’t a forum for revenge–identities are concealed to protect the incompetent–but an attempt to chronicle and catalog the sort of poor service that lingers and strikes even at (especially at?) those highly-praised and priciest restaurants. May my pain push you. Not to demand more from your server, but to expect respect and appreciate those few, rare occasions where you are served by someone possessed with the true soul of hospitality.


Case 1: Photo-shy (and He Wants You to Know It)

Case 2: The Backstabbing Bread-Bringer